Technopolis and Gazi

The industrial chic cultural centre of Technopolis (100 Pireos, Gazi, 210 3461589) in Gazi represents the capital’s turn towards
boosting contemporary architecture and art. The old gasworks building, dating from 1862, was converted into a complex of
buildings refurbished to house exhibitions, festivals and concerts. The main building’s slender chimney, beautifully illuminated
with red lights in the evening, has become a local landmark, while other features like the furnaces and cauldrons testify to the
industrial past of the area. Once a derelict working class village, the area of Gazi, known locally as Gazohori (village of Gazi) has
transformed into a busy and funky neighbourhood. The local annexe of Benaki Museum, home to all contemporary exhibitions,
is only a few blocks from the metro station of Keramikos, adding to the cultural profile of the area. Another interesting feature
of the area is the colourful graffiti painted by Brazilian artists Os Gemeos on the walls of the trolley depot station in Pireos street,
right across Technopolis.