Starting from Palio Faliro and ending beyond Sounio, the Athenian
seaside is a site in its own merit. The tram runs two lines towards the south, one
ending currently at the Trocadero in Palio Faliro district (towards Piraeus port) and
the other line ending at the quiet suburban Voula (towards Sounio). The Trocadero
area has been spruced up in recent years and transformed into a leisure park that
includes a cinema complex, a beautiful open-air cinema, green walking areas, some
cafés, a restaurant and a mall. In the evening it is popular with locals who enjoy their
leisurely walks around the park. Going towards Voula, you can stop at the Alimos
Marina for a walk by the sleek yachts and stop for coffee, lunch or dinner. Taking
the tram once again, you can get off at the kart track in Agios Kosmas district and
test your driving skills. On the way you’ll see plenty of public and private beaches
where you can enter at a fee – higher on the weekends. In Glyfada district, a slightly
Americanized area with small malls and fast-food chains, you can do some great
shopping or have lunch.