The Byzantine Museum

One of the most impressive collections of Byzantine and post-Byzantine era artwork is stored in the Byzantine Museum (22 Vasilisis Sofias, Kolonaki, 210 7294926).
Its aim is to acquire, save, conserve, record and showcase objects of early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval and modern religious art. Its 25,000 objects date from the 3rd until the 20th centuries A.D. and originate from Greece, Asia Minor and the Balkans. Collections include, among others, sculptures, icons, wallpaintings, ceramics, textiles, manuscripts, drawings and chalcography.
Some of the most spectacular objects are the icons and the textiles, most of which are of unparallel craftsmanship, like the 13th century Madonna
Glykofilousa (Sweet kisser) and the silk religious frock worn by priests in the 17th century. Proceed to the manuscript section
and admire the beautiful scrolls, Holy Bibles and the rare Etymologikon (grammar book) from the early 18th century.
The museum also holds the Loverdos collection with it 660 religious artefacts for conservation and indefinite
Don’t miss the photographic exhibition that testifies to the original architectural design of old churches which have since been remodeled or rebuilt.