Cycladic Art museum

As its name suggest, this museum (4 Neofytou Douka, Kolonaki, 210 7228321)
showcases the largest collection of the gorgeous white marble figurines
of Cycladic art, which have influenced modern sculptors with their grace,
abstractiveness and shape. Most of them were discovered in tombs but their meaning
is still debated. These figurines are mostly female, have their hands crossed in front of
them and slightly bended knees. The seated figure raising its cup in toast is of exemplary
technique, as well as the violin-shaped ones representing body shapes of the third
millennium B.C. Other displays show the marble vessels and basins used for religious and
everyday activities. On the second floor you’ll find artefacts from Mycenae up until the
Roman era: Hydrias, glass vessels for oils, golden objects and amphoras from Attica. The
third floor houses temporary exhibitions, while the fourth floor presents the Karolos Politis
collection, a rich selection of about 120 artefacts covering all periods of Greek art until
the 6th century A.C. The collection includes vessels, clay pottery, and beautiful bronze
helmets. After your tour, don’t forget to visit the gift shop with its beautiful replicas of the
iconic Cycladic figurines.